Over The Rainbow: Monthly Edinburgh Filmhouse events/screenings

ABI love leafing through the Filmhouse programme. The proper printed one, not the website. It’s like reading an old style travel brochure, you look at the pictures and think “Oh, that looks nice! And this one. Maybe not that one, that’s a bit much for me.” What’s both best and worst about the programme is that it covers quite a long period, in theory allowing me to plan my next trip to the cinema properly. In practice I usually pick up the programme a few days before the next one is due out, meaning that all I get is a beautiful collection of missed opportunities. So the latest Filmhouse initiative is an absolute godsend: Over The Rainbow is a series of screenings and events that run monthly and focus on LGBTQIA experiences. Apart from the relatively personal bonus of the films running monthly, this also sounds like a great idea in general, particularly since such a regular appearance of an LGBTQIA film would be very difficult to find at one of the larger cinemas.

Of course what the films are like and how well the represent experiences remains to be seen. As far as I an see, Over The Rainbow focuses on LGBTQIA experiences mainly through the form of films. Appropriate Behaviour will be running later this month and Something Must Break from the 13th – 19th of June. It is also worth noting that the Filmhouse already has a decent track record in this area, proven by the fact that on the same page they can list another three films that cover LGBTQIA topics and are screened over the same period, just like that. But dedicating a whole series of events shows that there are enough films out there worth showing and that the Filmhouse is committed to bringing them to Edinburgh, not just for a one-off special.

Showing until Sunday 24th May at the Filmhouse cinema, this month’s LGBTQIA film, Appropriate Behaviour, is given the following synopsis: ‘After a bad breakup with girlfriend Maxine, New York twentysomething hipster Shirin (Desiree Akhavan, who also writes and directs) is trying desperately to get her sex life back into order. As she embarks on a series of (not especially successful) affairs and rakes through the ruins of her relationship with Maxine, the film alternates moments of poignancy with inspired deadpan humour.’ And a link to the trailer can be found here.

Whilst I won’t be able to make it along myself this month I am hoping to head along to the June film, Something Must Break, and in the meantime we would love to hear what any of you think of Appropriate Behaviour.

Tanja Jacobs