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An Interview with Maria Stoian: Take it as a Compliment

26251358Maria Stoian’s graphic memoir Take it as a Compliment brings together a collection of people’s real life experiences of sexual harassment, violence and abuse, to powerfully reflect on this issue in a beautiful and heart rending style. Stoian very kindly took the time to answer a few questions about the work, the process of creation, and the experiences it considers.  Continue reading An Interview with Maria Stoian: Take it as a Compliment

Review: The Language of Memory

12665616_1265518796798082_1376494047_nThe Language of Memory at Summerhall explores the relationships we have with objects and the shared language between possessions and the human experience. The exhibit centres on Whitney McVeigh‘s short film Birth: Origins at the End of Life, documenting six womens’ experiences of birth and death. It also showcases a series of found objects and drawings by McVeigh which evoke memories of childhood and family. Continue reading Review: The Language of Memory

Mad World: On Sane People in Insane Situations

asylumI wasn’t sure what to expect from the Mad World exhibition from its online write-up, and once I got there I understood why. Part exploration of the history of mental illness, part art exhibition, part awareness-raising debate on how we talk about mental health, Mad World provides a real assortment of material to enable its audience to “discover the insane”. Continue reading Mad World: On Sane People in Insane Situations

Review: Hidden Door Festival, Monday

HidDoorOn Monday I returned to Hidden Door festival for their fourth evening, to what promised to be a great line-up. I was hoping to catch Glasgow band Featherwest at 6pm, but after waiting around for half an hour I gave up and went around exploring the venue some more. I discovered more art on this second visit and particularly worth mentioning was a performance consisting of human bats sampling real bat sounds while having a jam session. This was one of those moments of art-awkwardness where you’re wondering if you’re actually supposed to be there. Great sock-sandal combo, though. Continue reading Review: Hidden Door Festival, Monday

Review: Hidden Door Festival

HidDoorHidden Door started in Edinburgh as a mini-festival at the Roxy in 2010, providing a platform for various local artists to interact, collaborate and showcase their work. Now, the no-profit festival allows the public into hidden and abandoned locations in Edinburgh before they become lost forever. There’s an abundance of different art forms at the festival: theatre, music, visual arts and cinema. It would be impossible to capture all these aspects in one review so here I’ll just focus on my experiences at the daytime events of the first days. Continue reading Review: Hidden Door Festival

Review: Leap in Time, Stills Gallery

Klemm_04Leap in Time, running at Scotland’s Centre for Photography in Cockburn Street, brings together the work of two separate artists who, between them, document Germany’s turbulent modern history in a strikingly similar, candid and intimate fashion. Although Erich Salomon and Barbra Klemm have emerged from and documented two separate halves of the 20th century, this exhibition of their black and white, low-light photographs manages to create a running historical narrative while celebrating the two artists separately. Continue reading Review: Leap in Time, Stills Gallery