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Review: Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man

carmanMatthew Bourne OBE has a reputation in ballet so great that it precedes him even when he’s 3,000 miles away and facing in the opposite direction. He and his productions have accrued a truly incredible number of awards and accolades and it was therefore always unlikely that I was going to give The Car Man a bad review. Continue reading Review: Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man

Review: Hamjambo 2, Common Weal

HamjamboHAMJAMBO 2, which performed at the Area C Coffee House on Leith Walk, is the second event of its kind organised by Common Weal Edinburgh North and Leith. Common Weal is an organisation that sprang up during the Scottish referendum, and has continued its work since then, allowing YES voters to undertake community projects, debates, events and more. Common Weal campaigns for a vast range of incredibly important causes, including equal access to learning, reducing inequality, renewable energy, and celebrating diversity . Continue reading Review: Hamjambo 2, Common Weal

Review: A Streetcar Named Desire, Scottish Ballet

streetcarWhen I first glanced over the synopsis for Scottish Ballet’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire, I wasn’t sure what to make of the plot structure. This performance imagines the full story of Blanche DuBois chronologically, beginning with her early marriage that ends in tragedy, running through the loss of the family estate, Belle Reve, her being forced out of her home town, and then arriving in New Orleans to meet her sister Stella. Continue reading Review: A Streetcar Named Desire, Scottish Ballet