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Mad World: On Sane People in Insane Situations

asylumI wasn’t sure what to expect from the Mad World exhibition from its online write-up, and once I got there I understood why. Part exploration of the history of mental illness, part art exhibition, part awareness-raising debate on how we talk about mental health, Mad World provides a real assortment of material to enable its audience to “discover the insane”. Continue reading Mad World: On Sane People in Insane Situations

Review: Hamjambo 2, Common Weal

HamjamboHAMJAMBO 2, which performed at the Area C Coffee House on Leith Walk, is the second event of its kind organised by Common Weal Edinburgh North and Leith. Common Weal is an organisation that sprang up during the Scottish referendum, and has continued its work since then, allowing YES voters to undertake community projects, debates, events and more. Common Weal campaigns for a vast range of incredibly important causes, including equal access to learning, reducing inequality, renewable energy, and celebrating diversity . Continue reading Review: Hamjambo 2, Common Weal