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Review: The Language of Memory

12665616_1265518796798082_1376494047_nThe Language of Memory at Summerhall explores the relationships we have with objects and the shared language between possessions and the human experience. The exhibit centres on Whitney McVeigh‘s short film Birth: Origins at the End of Life, documenting six womens’ experiences of birth and death. It also showcases a series of found objects and drawings by McVeigh which evoke memories of childhood and family. Continue reading Review: The Language of Memory

Review: Sunset Song

sunsetsong4-xlargeThe latest film from director, Terence Davies, Sunset Song is a long-awaited and lovingly faithful adaptation of the Scottish classic by Lewis Grassic Gibbon. The story centres on the coming-of-age of Chris Guthrie as we see her confronting the demands of womanhood as well as the tumultuous changes threatening the rural community of Kinraddie. Continue reading Review: Sunset Song

Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair 2015

EIRBFOrganised by Edinburgh’s radical independent bookshop, Word Power Books, the Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair 2015 is, for all its anti-establishmentism, in danger of becoming an institution. This year it is taking place at Out of the Blue Drill Hall and celebrating its nineteenth year with a lively programme of book launches, screenings, discussions, theatre and of course, the inevitable ceilidh. Continue reading Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair 2015

Here comes Scotland Loves Anime 2015!

SLA_KEYART_2015Oh yes, it’s that time. Grab some edamame, get your brain in gear,
and bring your glasses so you can read the subtitles – it’s the Edinburgh leg of the fifth Scotland Loves Anime Film Festival! I’ll be covering SLA this year for Edinburgh Feminist Review and though I haven’t snagged tickets for every film, I’m looking forward to reporting back on some highlights of the Festival and encouraging you to get yourself out to a screening or two. Continue reading Here comes Scotland Loves Anime 2015!

Cines del Sur Granada Film Festival

CARTEL-9CDSAs I know somebody who works in there, I’ve been lucky enough to attend the Granada Film Festival Cines del Sur with a general pass for the second year in a row, which is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it makes you treat the festival programme like an all you can eat buffet, on the other hand, you occasionally find yourself stumbling out of a cinema at 1am, dazed and confused because you’ve just seen three films in a row. Either way, it’s a great experience. Continue reading Cines del Sur Granada Film Festival

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

EIFFTo get a handle on this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival, and also so I could write this article, I decided to read the full EIFF programme, cover to cover, to see what fell out and what stuck from reading the basic, publicly released information. My overview? Good. Varied. Lighter than usual perhaps. A strong emphasis on American film. Lots of sex and prostitution. Ewan McGregor playing God. Not as globally and politically aware as you might expect. Continue reading Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

Over The Rainbow: Monthly Edinburgh Filmhouse events/screenings

ABI love leafing through the Filmhouse programme. The proper printed one, not the website. It’s like reading an old style travel brochure, you look at the pictures and think “Oh, that looks nice! And this one. Maybe not that one, that’s a bit much for me.” What’s both best and worst about the programme is that it covers quite a long period, in theory allowing me to plan my next trip to the cinema properly. In practice I usually pick up the programme a few days before the next one is due out, meaning that all I get is a beautiful collection of missed opportunities. So the latest Filmhouse initiative is an absolute godsend: Over The Rainbow is a series of screenings and events that run monthly and focus on LGBTQIA experiences. Continue reading Over The Rainbow: Monthly Edinburgh Filmhouse events/screenings