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The beauty of Hang lies in the way it juxtaposes cold and often hilarious bureaucracy with the pain of a human experience. Its mystery is in the fact that we never really discover what that exact human experience was.  Continue reading HANG AT THE EDINBURGH FRINGE – REVIEW

Review: The Weir

2097983025I’d heard that Conor McPherson’s play The Weir was a hidden gem of contemporary theatre, with its many awards (Laurence Olivier, Evening Standard and Critics Circle), but I hadn’t read it. Now, I am glad I hadn’t, because it is one of those plays that really comes into its own on stage. Amanda Gaughan’s perfectly paced production is a real treat for the ear and the eye. Continue reading Review: The Weir

Review: Handbagged by Moira Buffini

12212293_10153800033136495_130929971_nOriginally conceived in 2010 for Tricycle Theatre‘s Women, Power and Politics Festival, Handbagged was adapted to a full length play by writer Moira Buffini and director Indhu Rubasingham in 2013. It recounts the events of Margaret Thatcher’s eleven year Prime Ministerial run via the weekly meetings she had with HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Continue reading Review: Handbagged by Moira Buffini

Review: Tipping the Velvet

12196294_10208824967687805_2180465700563062819_nWhen I found out that Tipping the Velvet was opening at the Lyceum Theatre, I immediately wanted to see it. Not because I had read the book or seen the BBC adaptation, not because the successful duo Wade/Turner was at the head of this performance, or because I had to find an event to write about for my first contribution to this blog. The reason I was drawn to seeing this performance was its theme: the coming of age of a young woman in the Victorian period. Continue reading Review: Tipping the Velvet

Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair 2015

EIRBFOrganised by Edinburgh’s radical independent bookshop, Word Power Books, the Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair 2015 is, for all its anti-establishmentism, in danger of becoming an institution. This year it is taking place at Out of the Blue Drill Hall and celebrating its nineteenth year with a lively programme of book launches, screenings, discussions, theatre and of course, the inevitable ceilidh. Continue reading Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair 2015

Review: Hidden Door Festival, Monday

HidDoorOn Monday I returned to Hidden Door festival for their fourth evening, to what promised to be a great line-up. I was hoping to catch Glasgow band Featherwest at 6pm, but after waiting around for half an hour I gave up and went around exploring the venue some more. I discovered more art on this second visit and particularly worth mentioning was a performance consisting of human bats sampling real bat sounds while having a jam session. This was one of those moments of art-awkwardness where you’re wondering if you’re actually supposed to be there. Great sock-sandal combo, though. Continue reading Review: Hidden Door Festival, Monday