meLaura Witz is a writer and a feminist. She has been making and writing plays for the last five years and spends most of her spare time learning new, slightly useless skills. Laura set up EFR in late 2014 to address the dearth of feminist focused reviewing in the arts, particularly in    Edinburgh.

OrlaÓrla Meadhbh Murray hails from Belfast but has spent the past six years in Edinburgh studying and teaching sociology alongside working in the arts. An angry but optimistic queer feminist and arts enthusiast excited to write more non-academic stuff.

MiriamMiriam Wright is a third year student of the University of Edinburgh studying English Literature. She has been involved in theatre for the past few years, with both the EUTC and Charlotte Productions. This is her first position as a contributing writer.


Laura TomLaura Tomlinson graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2012 and has remained in the city since, now working in university administration. A keen linguist, artist and dancer, she is looking forward to her first opportunity as a contributing writer.


TanjaEFRTanja Jacobs is well into her third language degree, currently studying British Sign Language at Heriot-Watt University. Her studies have mostly served as an excuse to enable her to work backstage in theatre, although her main ambition in life is learning to swear in as many languages as possible.

SelmaSelma Augestad is currently studying gender issues in post-conflict situations, but otherwise she loves cat gifs, bacon and comic books. After almost five years at the University of Edinburgh she is excited about the opportunity to do some non-academic feminist writing.



Susie Dalton lives and works in Edinburgh. After graduating with a degree in Archaeology in 2014, she’s looking forward to writing about things happening at the moment, instead of a very long time ago.



2 - 4

Heather Parry is a writer and editor living in Edinburgh after six years abroad. As well as ghostwriting and copywriting, she pens quite disturbing short fiction. Her interests include food, buying books she has no time to read, and explaining why Prometheus was awful.

2 - 5Caitlin McNaughton is a director, improviser and comedy-maker. She recently moved to Edinburgh from New Zealand to pursue new adventures and colder winters. She is particularly interested in the representation of women and other marginalised groups in comedy and improv.

2 - 1Marion Geoffray is a professionally trained actress and drama teacher, French by blood but British at heart, she has her own bilingual theatre company in Edinburgh. She enjoys playing with cliches in the arts and hopes to write meaningful and significant things.

2 - 2Joanna McCulloch is an Art and Design student and would-be blogger studying at Forth Valley College in Stirling. Her interests lie in the representation of women in video games and online geek culture as well as the women in these communities IRL.


2 - 3Kirsty Hunter is a sometime writer in the midst of a Publishing Masters Degree at Edinburgh Napier. Her interests include gin, comic books and tweeting at her feminist heroes. Writing about herself in the third person makes her feel like Kanye.

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